Standard Features

The distinguishing feature of Divine spas is our superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to every detail.

High Flow Adjustable Jets

Divine engineers all of our spas to be hydraulically balanced. This provides you control of water volume and air flow for every jet from 0 – 100%. With this ability to control volume and pressure, combined with ergonomic seating, you can create the jet massage that is right for you.

 Diverter Valves

Diverter valves allow you control the air pressure and jets without using the control panels or leaving your seat. You will find diverter valves for each seat on your spa.

Digital Spa Control

Divine’s easy to use push button controls let you customize your spa experience – all from the comfort of the warm spa water. Simply push the pump button to activate the water flow through the hydrotherapy massage jets. Control the up or down arrows to raise or lower the water temperature to your desired level.  The light button will turn on the spa light or multi-colored LED mood lighting for models equipped with this feature.  

Ergonomic Lounge Seats

Divine’s lounge seats offer the best ergonomic seating in the industry. They offer a full body massage from head to toe. This feature is found in Divine 7L, Divine 6L, and Divine 6R.

Water Features

Divine Hot Tubs’ water features sets us apart from the rest. Be believe your hot tub should stimulate all your senses including sight and sound. Our water features make your tub beautiful and offer the soothing sounds of trickling water to give you added relaxation.


Get long-lasting, low-maintenance beauty with our DuraTech™ cabinets. Backed by Reflective Thermal Barrier insulation for maximum energy efficiency. Find the perfect cabinet to match your home's aesthetic and enjoy peace of mind.


Weather Shield fabric is a 100% solution-dyed polyester that offers several benefits over traditional vinyl covers.

  • Provides superior tear and abrasion resistance
  • PU backed/waterproof
  • Environmentally superior; made with recyclable materials
  • Weighs 25% less than vinyl, which puts less weight on cover lifts and makes them easier to handle
  • Weather Shield highly resistant to UV

UV-C + Ozone

Essentially this is half of the Clear Purity System  which will help purify your water along with chemicals. This system will reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep your spa clean.

Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) Insulation

Double-sided foil rigid insulation panels. 12% more energy efficient than spray foam  spas. This allows the thermal gain from the pumps and heater to be reflected back into the spa cabinet, heating the shell and water and saving you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your spa.