"Wanted to thank all of you at Divine Tubs for providing my family with an awesome hottub! I have had tubs for over 20 years and yours far exceed all I have owned! Especially in these difficult times I appreciate the comfort and relaxation your product brings! 

Joe from Sammamish, March 2020

“Wow, what an amazing hot tub. The online description was spot on and we have enjoyed this hot tub since we had it installed a few months ago. We have kept the bistro table out because it gives us more room to move around more easily. Moving from seat to seat allows the powerful jets to work the stress out of different parts of your body but the best spot, my spot, is the lounger. Also Bluetooth speakers work great!. Great purchase!” March 2018

Incredible value, amazing product! 

“We bought this in September and are enjoying every second of spa ownership. This is quiet, effective, fun and a perfect size for my husband, myself and my two sons- 11 and 15- to fit in at the same time. I am 5’ 10” and find the seats fit me perfectly. That being said, they fit my 11 year old pretty perfectly also! We love all of the jet options, the lighting options, the Bluetooth speaker option. It heats quickly and quietly (is right outside our bedroom window and never noisy enough to bother us) and filters well. We also got the Rock-It to store the cover which also works beautifully. I cannot say enough great things about this spa except that it is everything we wanted and then some!” September 2018

“All of the jets are amazing. The stereo sound is very nice and the Bluetooth is easy to user, just remember to turn off the switch when done. It holds the heat very well. Set up was very easy and heated up pretty quick. The cover lift is a very nice bonus as the cover is solid/heavy and holds the heat in very well. Haven’t had 7 people in it yet but it hold 1-5 very comfortably.” March 2017

Excellent hot tub at this price!

“We bought this a month ago and have used it every single day since it was delivered and set up. We spent a few months going to spa stores, asking questions, reading reviews and learned a lot from a man who has been in the spa business for over 30 years. The price could not be beat for a hot tub with these features. Improper care seems to be the cause for most of the negative things you see and read online.

We easily fit our family of five in here with plenty of room to spare. The jets are diverse from seat to seat and are great!! We used the bistro table for one day and decided that we didn’t need it with the other 4 cup holders on the hot tub. 

The delivery was just 2-3 weeks after we ordered. We were able to pay the spa delivery company and additional $175 to have them move it to our backyard and attach the cover lifter.

We’d recommend this and are so happy with this purchase!” February 2018

Awesome for the money!

“Ordered the 115 jet, Divine worked with me delaying the shipping as we were away. Released it, it showed up in perfect condition. Installation was a breeze. The Balboa WIFI system is a very nice feature that works very well, easy to use once set up. This unit is very nice at night with lights on and music playing and the water fall on. You can control the tub ( Jets and Lights ) from anywhere on your phone. It has a very comfortable lounge chair for full body massage that is very comfortable and a corner seat where the jets can be adjusted to do your neck .The music is Bluetooth and there is a small enclosure in the side of the tub where you can put the phone in and plug it in to a supplied cable for direct hook up. The sound is of real good quality and can really be cranked up. Water proof speakers perform very well. It keeps the temperature where set and the water is crystal clear after adjusting the water. If this is your first hot tub, have the water analyses before you fill it and they will tell you exactly what chemical to use and how much, it will save you a lot of time. They do supply some chemicals to get you started. All in all, you will not beat the quality and construction of this unit if you are looking for a large people tub, it has nice stairs to get you to the bottom and to a seat, a nice features for people getting in and out. It comes with stairs and a cover lift . The cover is of very good quality, I experience some cold weather and the tub maintained the temp with no problem. The pumps and heater are of top quality as well as the piping. Enjoy!!” January 2017

Great spa and excellent factory support! 

“Ok so it’s almost exactly one year since we bought this spa. My heating element went out. I called Divine and left a message. They called me back within couple hours and put a new part in the mail!! I can install myself or they’ll send a tech to do it for me. I could’nt be happier with this spa. We’ve used it nearly everyday since installed including summer months, with the heat turned down of course. I researched spas, compared them all and considered and shopped used ones. Quality is fantastic. I installed this myself and have been inside and out of this spa. This is hands down the best deal.” June 2018

Best value out there in SPAs 

“I usually don’t take the time to post reviews, but given the good experience I had decided I should write one. I bought mine in March – I live outside of Philadelphia, and it arrived in a few weeks (April). I still cannot believe the value of this tub – you won’t find a tub with more features at this price with this quality. I did a lot of research over 2 years before settling in on this model (115 jets with recliner), and was apprehensive about having one shipped via freight across country, but decided to try. Couldn’t be happier. Only small issue was that the steps were lost in shipment, but Divine took care of that right away and shipped out a new set – they were nice and easy to deal with. The included Ozonator and the UV do a nice job in helping to keep it sanitized so I don’t have to use a ton of chemicals (chlorine) with it, so I am really happy (was considering a different tub with a bromine generator but decided to give this a shot). Lights are nice, and the sound is good also for being in a hot tub – blue tooth is really handy for listening to tunes while taking a dip.” May 2018

Love this hot tub 

“We received this tub Monday and were enjoying it after work on Tuesday. The shell is beautiful, the jets are nice because you can adjust the flow and make them as forceful or gently as you like. There are lots of nice lights and the cup holders work well. There are many different seating areas, we got the non-lounge. some fit me better than others, I am 5’4″, but I used them all and already have a couple favorites. We are happy with the quality of this tub and had a very good experience with the delivery service. Easy to set up too.” August 2018

Wonderful Hot Tub 

“We have the non-lounger version and found that it easily holds five adults and several kids. There are quite cool down spots to sit, jets everywhere, and drink holders galore! We are impressed with the quality of the surfaces and cover. The set-up was easy because an electrician did it. The tub came with a selection of chemicals to get you started. The LED lights are really nice as are the stairs (they feel very stable). Very highly recommend this product.” September 2017

Great spa — lots of jets — GREAT customer service

“My husband has had many hot tubs and I never have, we looked for a few years at different ones and kept coming back to one at Divinehottubs.com. I was of course nervous not seeing the spa before purchase. The curb side delivery was on time, convenient and we did have the option to pay more for them to bring it to the back of the house/pad. We’ve used this many times and it’s a great spa. Easy to use! MOST importantly, I locked the temperature by accident and had to contact the manufacturer, to my surprise I only had to press 1 prompt and then spoke with someone who actually was helpful. I then had to leave a voicemail and actually received a call back within 10 minutes!!! This person solved the issue within 5 minutes, on the customer service category alone, I’m thrilled with this spa!” November 2018