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Divine 6L

Divine 6L

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20 Jet, 5 Person Spa

Dimensions: 76" x 76" x 32.5" (193 x 193 x 82 cm)

Electrical Requirements: 220 volt / 50-amp GFCI

Option 110 volt - includes power cord 15-amp GFCI

Pumps: 1 – 5.0 hp hydrotherapy / 2 – speed pump

Water Capacity: 220 gallons (833 liters)

Weight Dry: 410 lbs. (186 kg) Filled Weight: 2245 lbs. (1018 kg)

Designed & Made: U.S.A., Arlington, Washington


Discover the exceptional quality and reliability of our multilayered shell system, engineered to be the strongest in its class. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through our use of the EcoSpray technology. In addition, the Acrylic shell of our product is designed to deliver both aesthetic appeal and uncompromising durability.


DuraTech™ cabinets will provide the most authentic natural wood beauty with many years of ultra-low maintenance.  In addition, all of our DuraTech™ cabinets are backed with Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) insulation, which are rigid foam panels lined with thermal foil to provide maximum energy efficiency.


The WeatherShield Cover is made of 100% Solution Died Polyester. It offers superior resistance to UV rays and provides excellent protection against cold temperatures, surpassing all other materials used for spa covers. Moreover, the WeatherShield Cover is significantly lighter, resulting in a 25% reduction in weight.

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